MoMo R5.1: Preferences

1. Contents
2. Setup
3. Preferences:3.1General
3.2Default values
3.3MoMo's preferences
3.4Computer identification
3.5Paths for MoMo
3.7Data base folder
3.8Study and staff lists
4. Sessions
5. Command line
6. Models
7. Visualize C3D
8. Administration
9. Changes

3.1 General

MoMo and the GL-toolbox store some preferences permanently: names of computer and user, path names of measurement and norm data, styles for the graphical user interface and a list of recently processed sessions. The first time a function needs values of preferences, a dialog appears to allow definitions. The settings are saved to a folder inside Matlab's application data path, therefore the preferences depend on the computer, user and Matlab version. Determined this folder with GLTools_local('PrefPath'), which replies "prefdir\JSim\". The files found there can be deleted on problems. They are recreated automatically asking the user for the wanted settings.
Additional help for the management of local variables: "<MFiles>\Docs\ReadMe_LocalSystem.txt".

3.2 Default values

The function Path_local manages default values for the preferences. The variables and their values can be adjusted to the lab environment with: Path_local $edit. This opens the file "<MFiles>\Path_local.init" for editing. E.g. the network path to the Vicon data folder can be defined here and the users get a valid default value in the dialog of see: MoMo_localMoMo_local.
Nevertheless, all functions of MoMo using preferences can handle missing or invalid values, e.g. not existing path names. Therefore editing the defaults is optional.
You can use Path_local for your own programs also, see there for more help.

3.3 MoMo's preferences

MoMo stores some preferences permanently for future Matlab sessions. These preferences can be controlled by the dialog opend by momo prefs. The different single categories are mentioned below to be complete here (see 3.4 to 3.8), but for daily use it is enough to know momo prefs as gateway.
After installing a new MoMo version, this dialog is opened automatically and it is enough to run it once.
MoMo prefs dialog User: Expert: Cleanup: GUI Style:

3.4 Computer identification

The program Machine_local is responsible for the identification of the computer, the user and the operating system. It is started automatically, e.g. from iniGL.
Machine_local dialog Default values: Default_local.
Open dialog manually: Machine_local $edit.
Get all variables: Machine_local('$all').
Get specific variable, e.g. Matlab's release number: Machine_local('MatlabRNum').

3.5 Paths for MoMo

MoMo_local manages machine depending paths to allow MoMo working in network environments. Three paths are defined permanently for future Matlab sessions: MoMoData , MotionData, MoMoArchive.
The folder MoMoData contains subfolders for norm data, description pictures, session sets and bug reports. Expert users can modify these paths in the "Temporary" section, e.g. to test the creation of norm data without the danger of overwriting original data for daily routine. A check box must be enabled and reminds the user, that the changes are reset automatically.
Not existing folders are marked by a red background. Although MoMo tries to work in spite of problems with missing folders, a successful run of MoMo cannot be guaranteed.
MoMo_local dialog Permanent: Settings are saved for future Matlab sessions. Temporary: Settings are cleared automatically.
The managed variables can be obtained e.g. with: MoMo_local('WorkPath') or as struct with all variables: MoMo_local('$all').

3.6 GhostScript

The function Ghostscript_local stores a pointer to the executable of GhostScript, which is used for the creation of PDF files. It is important to choose the command line program "gswin32c.exe" with the trailing "c" in the name.
Default values: none - perhaps: "C:\Program files\gs\gsX.YZ\bin\gswin32c.exe".
Choose the executable: GhostScript_local $edit
GhostScript version: GhostScript_local $version

3.7 Data base folder

MoMo exports trials and averaged sessions in ASCII format to the folder: "<Base>\<ExaminationDATE:YYYYMMDD>\<ID>\". The path is created by the function moDBFolder, which uses the <Base> folder defined in dbPreferences as default. For testing you can change the export folder temporarily in moDBFolder.
Default values: dbPreferences ( see: Default_localDefault_local works as fallback)
Choose a folder: moDBFolder $edit
Get current folder: moDBFolder $basepath
Set folder temporarily: moDBFolder('$set', <PathName>, 'temporary')
Reset temporary changes: moDBFolder $clear

3.8 Study and staff lists

The dialog for editing the examination information can show popup-menus for the fields Examinator and Study. The user can toggle with a right-click between the appearance of popup-menus and edit fields for free input. The values of the popup menus can be adjusted in a function: edit StudyStaffList.
The predefined names might accelerate the filling of the dialog.

3.9 Sound

MoMo calls the functions SuWarn and SuError for warnings and errors. These functions use XBeep to signal problems. The sound can be disabled for the current sessions: XBeep off.
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